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Five New Age Ways To Top 10 Best Beaches In Vietnam

CNN once ranked this place as one of the best beaches in Asia The area surrounding the beach is fringed with palm trees as well as luxury 5 star beach resorts , but Dai Beach is particularly special because of its amazing ocean sunsets. Dai Beach, a beautiful sandy beach, is located on Phu Quoc Island.

An extremely beautiful spot, Dam Trau Beach in Con Dao is comparatively undeveloped, although it is located close to the Con Dao Airport. This beach features a calm sea than most offering wonderful opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing and exploring the beach for unique souvenirs. Dam Trau Beach is the 2nd best beach found in Con Dao, after the famous Nhat Beach mentioned earlier.

There is some development here and development will ramp up in the coming years. It is one of Phu Quoc's gems and a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Sao Beach is your typical post card perfect" beach with swaying palm trees, soft white sand, and turquoise seas.

Get pummelled on the beach by a masseur or pummelled by the waves with some water sports - this place blends action and inertia to perfection. Set on a seductive swathe of sand, Mui Ne is an absolute charmer with swaying palms and towering dunes. With interesting activities like: go fishing, take a hammock nap and enjoy food served in bamboo baskets.

Around 35 kilometers (21 miles) from Cam Ranh Airport, it has old-school cottages with modern amenities. A resort in Khanh Hoa Province with a countryside setting. This place is called a green oasis within a green town.

This resort on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street. This is a perfect place for touring in the surrounding area hiking or biking or just relaxing from the noisy and busy city life. Topas Ecolodge is a small resort situated on a beautiful hilltop deep in the mountains of Hoang Lien National Park only 45 min outside Sapa town in North Vietnam.

VietNam Typical Tours hope this post will help you: 10 best budget resorts in Vietnam for your holiday". Situated on a remote and totally private peninsula, the resort is accessible only by boat transfer - this adds a little bit of time to your transfers, and for this reason we'd recommend staying two-three nights here rather than just one. It's also the only resort in town that's actually on the beach, instead of across the road.

Evason Ana Mandara Nha Trang is for beach lovers who don't want to be too far away from Nha Trang , the busiest coastal city in Vietnam. Offers: Six Senses Con Dao offers discounts ranging from 10% to 28% for early, non-flexible and extended stays. For experienced and inexperienced divers alike there are abundant opportunities to explore what is widely known as Vietnam's best scuba diving location, while those who prefer to stay above the surface can rent a catamaran for the day.

It takes less than an hour to reach by charter plane, directly from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao Island , where a Mercedes van picks you up and drops you off at the resort. What makes it such a great beach resort? The Hollywood couple stayed here once in 2011 putting Six Senses Con Dao firmly on the luxury travel tips to vietnam map.

You mean, aside from Brad and Angelina? Vietnam's luxury beach resorts are some of the best in Asia, with luxurious accommodation available at affordable rates all along the country's 3,200 kilometers of coastline. Sipping a cold cocktail on a white sand beach, with a dense jungle at your back and the lapping of the tide gently soothing your senses - what could be better?

Ten Tips To The 10 Best Vietnam Beach Resorts Much Better While Doing Other Things

We did then venture northwards again but not entirely to within sight of the Dai beach area. We then retraced our tracks back to the main road and found another road further south leading back to the coastal route just beyond the Vinpearl Land entertainment complex which brought us out next to the peninsular of Vung Bau beach.

We approached form the north and passed all this devastation until we were turned back by security just as we arrived near Dai Beach. As you reported the bulldozers are well established and a shanty town of plastic awnings fringes the shore for the workers with huge craters in the sand where it's been excavated presumably for building. So, it with sadness I must tell you that your favourite Dai Beach has been wrecked.

We followed your northern loop; visited suggested waterfalls in Dalat and are rounding off our time on Phu Quoc. Your guide has been a treat during our 3 months in Vietnam. If you are renting bikes then be sure to keep a contact number of the rental company - if you encounter problems with the police you can call the rental company and they should be able to offer some help.

This is especially true is popular tourist areas such as Mui Ne and Phu Quoc. Be polite, friendly, smiley and on the vast majority of occasions the police will take the money and let you go on your way. Normally, if you get stopped by the police you will have to pay a fine (200,000vnd is standard).

In reality most foreigners driving motorbikes in Vietnam do not have domestic licenses. I'm currently working on getting my license from home recognized here, but they will most definitely be without them… Thanks so much and again, fabulous stuff here! How big of an issue can this be?

Since they are just passing through Vietnam, none of them will have official VN licenses. I just moved travel tips to vietnam [] Vietnam and am working south of Saigon in Tra Vinh for the next year or so. I am planning a trip to Phu Quoc with some friends and they want to rent motorbikes. I hope the weather is good enough for you to visit Peppercorn on Phu Quoc - it's a great little getaway.

Hoping the weather will be mainly sunny as it looks close to perfect! We have booked to stay at the Peppercorn beach resort in Phu Quoc which seems perfect for what we are looking for so i'll contact them and ask them about weather. Also if you could give us an idea how & where to go around the island in 3 days.

Can you suggest the top most beach to stay and enjoy our stay? I am visiting Phu Quoc in Feb 2017 with my wife for honeymoon. However, you would still get some rain and the sea probably won't be as glassy flat as the high season months.

Yes, I think Phu Quoc would still be OK at that time of year - and the accommodations would be cheaper too because of the low season. For the time being, there's no accommodation at either beach, but I expect that will change soon, once the access roads have been paved. However, these are ‘working beaches', so there's a fair amount of fishing-related debris around; some of which is picturesque, such as the rotting hulls of abandoned wooden boats; and some of which is unsightly, such as polystyrene boxes, discarded fishing nets and general trash.

Quiet and calm, the beaches are lovely and the backdrop of forested hills is spectacular.