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Seven Ideas To Help You Top 10 Best Beaches In Vietnam Like A Pro

Here are seven of the best beaches in the country working round the coast from Hoi An and heading south.

Most of the beaches are close to Nha Trang and it is here that the list begins. It is an enviable geographic position that provides both economic and tourist opportunities to its citizens. Vietnam has an amazing coastline, 2,100 miles of it, surrounded by the clear blue waters of the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

If you'd prefer to be near Nha Trang, but at a less populated beach, there are resorts dotted along the coastline around 20-30 minutes from the city centre offering a bit more tranquility. To access the palm lined shores you just need to cross Tran Phu road, which follows the coastal curve. There are loads of hotels and resorts to choose from, as well as a ton of restaurants and bars providing a vibrant nightlife.

Nha Trang is sometimes referred to as the ‘Gold Coast' of Vietnam and sits further down the coast than Hoi An. Nha Trang is very well known and draws in the tourists with its 6km curve of sandy beach. Sitting to the west, off the coast of Cambodia, with white sand and crystal waters packed with colorful submarine life, this unsung and lesser explored treasure is every bit as heavenly as any of its counterparts in Thailand or Malaysia. Just a short hop from Ho Chi Minh City airport brings you to the idyllic island of Phu Quoc, also known as the jade isle thanks to the verdant vegetation and unspoilt forest with which it's covered.

There are many smaller fishing villages located along the coast but also the great beaches and scenery you'd expect for such a unique place. Despite the construction that's taking place in the area, this is a beautiful beach that offers a peaceful getaway for its visitors. Although it is located just behind the Con Son airport, this won't keep you from enjoying the peace and tranquility offered by this unique spot.

Dam Trau beach is known for its long, sandy shoreline and beautiful, clear water. Vietnam travel tips's beaches display countless examples of how the ocean destroys structures on the beach - for all to see, and some to ignore. Countless structures already built on or too close to the beach have been turned into beach carnage.

Even in developing countries where laws are weak and there is little scientific study of problems on the beach, the dangers are self evident. So why do beachfront resort developers break the known taboos? The river empties its black filth into the ocean just 700 metres from the main resort beach, and the currents mix and carry some of it right along the shore for visitors to swim in and reporters to see.

So much filth is poured into the boar harbour each day that the water is deadly black, a stew of decomposing animal and plant waste, plastic and unimaginable uglies. The small river around which the island's main town is built is its main fishing boat anchorage, sewer and rubbish pit. The source of the pollution mentioned above is very obvious indeed, and an intractable problem that the strongest government is unlikely to be able to solve.

Duong Dong Beach, Phu Quoc's 'main' beach, holds about 80% of its beach resorts and is burdened with multiple pollution problems. Beaches hardly rank at all in official concerns, and even severe problems on the coastline are ignored unless they have critical impact on communities, and those affected shout for help.

9 Ideas To Help You Top 10 Best Beaches In Vietnam Like A Pro

Located on level 9, we had a glorious view of the ocean and towards the peninsula. As a guest of the Pullman Danang, we got to stay in a Junior Suite. With the ponds, fountains, swimming pool and ocean, water is a key feature at this resort, and the design makes the most of it all.

My eyes were taken immediately past the plush arm chairs in the middle of the room, and through to the sunken bar, the large open windows and that view! The resort has made a feature of its entry, with a pavillion style, exposed beam roof and plenty of open space. Qualified Resort Activity Attendants are also on-hand to organise daily activities like beach volleyball and football too.

The adventurous will be intrigued to try parasailing which is renowned along the Hoi An coast. You can also delight in a variety of other water sports, from body boarding and wake boarding, to navigating the waters on a Banana Boat. The beach is also just a skip away and kayaking are available for use by resort guests.

There's also a fully-equipped gym to work off any extra calories from all the exquisite food. Sunrise offers a great variety of dining options in its Western and Vietnamese restaurants, as well as the Beach and Lobby bars. The array of brand name soaps and shampoos are replaced daily.

The bathrooms are well appointed, showers are enormous and have all the usual luxurious amenities. The ocean is again just moments away. On either side of the pool is a man made white sand beach, where you can lounge on the deck chairs.

Imagine doing laps where the end point is the ocean and beyond? We loved the landscaping with vast pools of water in the decorative ponds, which just made everything seem so refreshing and relaxing. Surrounding the pool are a number of palm trees and deck chairs.

The lobby is impressive - with huge ceilings, and a view that expands out to the main swimming pool and the ocean beyond. Extremely isolated and with barely any wi-fi connection, it is secluded and tranquil. This really is a case of getting away from it all.

With a population of only 800, it is possible to circumnavigate it in just three hours. It is a tiny blip of paradise in the midst of pristine water. In the Gili Islands of Indonesia the largest island is called Gili Trawangan.

The tiny village of Haad Rin has been totally overwhelmed by the crowd that comes each month to party the nights away. Koh Phangan just off from Koh Samui in Southern Thailand is home to the legendary Full Moon Parties, when thousands of young people flock to the beach to indulge in the now world famous hedonistic all night parties on the beach. Some of course have reached legendary status for the activities that take place rather than the beach itself.

Those amongst you who like to kick back and chill on an idyllic beach, will have no trouble finding your ideal combination of golden soft sand, pristine, clear waters and some peace and tranquility. Southeast Asia has some of the finest beaches in the world. Whatever you choose to do with your time in vietnam travel new, book your 2017 or 2018 hotel stay with us today and make sure your accommodation is as memorable as the activities you enjoy while you're there.

We just want to make sure you get the best possible price. The duration of your stay is more than 60 days, but don't worry that's fine.